Voting Rights is an American Right

It is important for ALL Americans to have access to the polls.

It was disappointing to see the voting rights bill fall in Congress the other day. Two Democrats betrayed their party by siding with the Republicans — Kristin Sinema and Joe Manchin. Why don’t they just go ahead and become Republicans? They’re doing nothing but blocking Biden’s agenda at every turn.

Biden must change course as he begins his second year in office. He must now realize that if he doesn’t take a harder stance, the midterms this November and his reelection chances (if he runs again) will end in Republican victories. We (the voting public) can’t allow that to happen. It will be disastrous.

There are too many Trump supporters and Trump wannabe's spewing his rhetoric and chomping at the bit to gain power at the local, state, or federal level. If the Republicans win the mid-term elections in November, it will be a blow that Biden and the Democrats may not recover from.

When did America become a dictatorship in the making? Republicans want to clamp down on the people’s voting abilities. They want to end any discussion on the racial history of this country. They’re passing laws to make it illegal to hurt white people’s feelings when it comes to topics of racial history(I’m talking about you, Florida!). This is insane!

Our power lies in the vote. It is a great equalizer for people of color. It is a sacred right. Voting cannot be turned into another elite’s only option. Everyone should be able to vote. Bad enough that Mitch McConnell made it clear, by saying out loud, that African Americans aren’t Americans. McConnell sees only white people as actual Americans. You can’t make this shit up!

So it is imperative that every person of color in every state do what they can on the local, state, and federal levels to protect voting rights. We can’t allow racists and Republican overlords to stop our voices from being heard. We are in a critical time as we deal with the pandemic. But we can’t let the pandemic stop us from maintaining our voting rights.




Shirley is a poet and writer. Ms. Luke enjoys reading, fashion and travel. She is working on a manuscript of her poems and an essay collection.

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Shirley Jones Luke

Shirley Jones Luke

Shirley is a poet and writer. Ms. Luke enjoys reading, fashion and travel. She is working on a manuscript of her poems and an essay collection.

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