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Shirley Jones Luke
2 min readJul 22, 2022


Rihanna’s empire expands

Excerpt from W Magazine

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The article was originally written by Stephanie Eckardt, and published on 07.21.22

According to a trademark filing tracked down by E! News, the 34-year-old singer is gearing up to launch Fenty Hair. The expansion of the Fenty empire — which spans from skincare to lingerie to beauty — will consist of accessories such as barrettes, scrunchies, nets, and clips, as well as wigs, extensions, and hair curlers.

And I am here for it. Rihanna has become a force in the beauty and fashion industry. Her Fenty line of makeup has been prominently featured in Sephora (and recently in Ulta) cosmetics stores. Every time I enter those establishments I see Rihanna’s sultry-serious face staring out over her products.

Fenty Beauty established itself from its competitors by providing customers with a buffet of foundations, lipsticks, and eye palettes. Rihanna’s makeup line was immediately seen as diverse and inclusive, providing customers with a multitude of hues and shades for every skin tone.

And the packaging is just as pretty as the makeup. Fenty Beauty’s containers are small and compact. You can easily fit any product into a clutch or small handbag and be on your way. Easy to open and even easier to use, Fenty Beauty is makeup for 21st-century women.

Fenty Hair, if anything like its predecessors, will definitely add to Rihanna’s coffers. I can imagine hair accessories with colorful designs and patterns that were made to be seen. As for the wigs and extensions, I’m sure the wig industry is waiting with a sense of uneasiness at what Rihanna will present. I’m sure the wigs will range from the short and sexy to the long and sultry. I can envision a range of hairstyles from straight to curly to braids and twists. I’m sure the wigs and extensions will be plentiful to suit a variety of tastes.

I will review Fenty Hair products as soon as they drop. I will post my review on Medium. I’m hoping the products will meet the high expectations of previous products. Rihanna knows she has to provide the best to her customers. We expect nothing less.



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