A new month with new possibilities

February 2023.

It’s the third day of the month.

Right now, my city is going through a deep freeze.

Temperatures are expected to reach — 25 degrees by this evening.

Those temperatures are not fit for man or beast.

Thankfully, the school department canceled classes for today.

Students and teachers can be at home. Hopefully, everyone will be safe and warm.

I spent this morning dozing on and off. I enjoyed being snuggled under the covers, not doing anything.

Yes, I have things to do but the day is long. I can take my time.

This is a weekend that I hope to get a few things accomplished.

Will it happen? Who knows.

I’ll do what I can. My needs come first.



Shirley Jones Luke

Shirley is a poet and writer. Ms. Luke enjoys reading, fashion and travel. She is working on a manuscript of her poems and an essay collection.